Hi!  I'm Kate, owner and operator of The High School Health Co.

This has been a labour of love and a long time coming and I am so happy that I can finally share my work with other hard working high school Physical and Health Educators

My passion for Health Education came back in 2016 when the revised curriculum was introduced.  I, like many other PE teachers at the time, was overwhelmed with the addition of such important and crucial content for our students.  I threw myself into updating my practice and designing a program to meet the ministry requirements.  It was a daunting task considering everything we were being asked to incorporate into an already busy and active schedule.  With some trial and error, many hours of research, lesson design, and collaborating with colleagues and mentors, I was encouraged to publish my work to help my fellow PHE teachers.  I've been helping my fellow colleagues in the GVSD and would love to extend that help across the province.  My resources pair directly with the Curricular Competencies and help students understand everything that encompasses what it means to be healthy and well.

My plan is to keep updating my resources, add new ones, and provide continued support and guidance to those who would like to develop a working health program for their schools.  Please reach out with any questions or consultation needs.  I am looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Yours in health,