If you are interested in any of these services, please use the CONTACT tab to discuss your department needs and we can work together to develop a plan.

A quote will be communicated


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Custom Product Bundle

If the items posted in the shop do not meet your exact needs, please contact me and we can come up with a custom package that meets all your criteria

Custom Google Drive 

All products selected for this service will be put into a custom google drive for personal/department use.  Each lesson will be separated so they can be posted in Google Classroom or another digital platform for students to complete electronically

Professional Development

Choose from a full or half day Pro D Session.  This session will help your department design a Health Program that works for your school and student needs.  A full Teacher Resource Kit will be included with the session as well as a semeser calendar and student workbook.

Student Workbook Design

If you're interested in putting together a Health Workbook for your students, I will design this for you after consulting about your students' needs and other details you may want included

Semester Calendar

If you're interested in learning how to fit all of the curriculum into your semester or your school's individualized timetable, we can go over options and available space and I will design a program for your class(es) to follow.